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Our job is our hobby at the same time. Cars are passion and a part of life style for each employee of our company.

A car is for us a symbol of a family friend, whose comfort is our priority. If there is dust or mud on the road, experienced professionals will take care of our car after each ride. We have developed a special car wash OneTwoGo without water for maximum care and the highest quality of cleanness of interior and exterior. The car wash is eco and lacquer friendly.

The car rental OneTwoGo is happy to offer best cleaned cars on our market due to this technology.

We start from the upper part with each cleaning the car from our offer. The dirt becomes encapsulated and separated from the body thanks to special ecological emulsion applied with help of high-tech fibres made of nanofibres. Our unique procedure can handle even dirt like birds droppings, residue of insects or greasy spots unlike usual car washes on water basis.

When is the body perfectly clean, thorough manual application of wax follows thanks to which lacquer will get not only gloss but also protection against dangerous external influence. Cleaning of exterior is not finished with glossy body, also cleanness of tyres and chassis is important for good feeling from the car and safety of its running. We guarantee perfect cleaning of cast disks and sheet metal discs of the car including fairing within care of cleanness.

When is the car perfectly cleaned from outside, our professionals embark on cleaning of interior. We use highly efficient brand vacuum cleaners in case of cleaning upholstered seats. We rely on special ecological detergents and conditioners proven in praxis in case of leather seats. Dirt, remains of food or dust can easily find space which can be hidden in upholsting of our car. We use special brushes for cleaning this impurity.

Thanks to our passion and professional attitude each of our cars shines and smells good as if it just went out of factory. The clean car is for granted therefore we do not charge any extra fees for returning the car smeary by usual car operation.