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We guarantee that all cars our car rental offer are in 100% condition and you can rely on them!

Our cars are regularly serviced by experienced professionals. Each time we get recommendation for inspection service from the producer or when we have some doubts about any car from our offer, the car is heading to the top quality car service AutoSKAVER, which is long-term proved, where the car is checked, possible faults are removed. Reasons why we take better care of condition of our cars than of our own health follow:

1. Safety

Although there are many causes of car accidents, a frequent reason is neglected car condition. The main reason for regular maintenance of our cars is customer´s safety. Only thanks to careful service we are able to guarantee for our customer and his fellow-travellers to be safe on their journey. Faulty set driving and breaking system, faulty levels of operating fluids, worn wipers, worn tyres and other problems connected with neglected regular service can cause serious – sometimes lethal – accidents. You can feel safe during your journey with the car from our offer.

2. Performance and reliability of the car

Our cars are like best friends for us therefore we are uncompromising in our car rental regarding provided level of service quality which we require only on the highest level. We believe that cars return our love to us in their own way – they drive our customers reliably and safely to the specified place. What´s more, well maintained car is faster, ride with it is more fluent, quieter and more comfortable in general.

3. Ecology

It is no secret that emissions of cars contribute to the global pollution directly. Cars which are regularly maintained produce lower amount of dangerous vapours and fluids which can be potentially released into atmosphere and water sources. We in OneTwoGo try to do sustainable business and behave responsibly to environment.

servis aut

Since we know that our cars to rent are in the top quality, we are not worried about our customers´ safety. Worries have negative effects on physical and mental health, therefore we replace them with thoroughness in our company.