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Car rentals abroad

How to manage renting a car abroad without any problems?  

Are you the type of a person who wants to explore surroundings during your holiday? If you do not have your own car, then you can rent it. How to do it abroad? Wherever you are on holiday in the Czech Rep., Germany, Italy, Croatia or elsewhere in Europe, there is a big advantage of international car rentals where you can book a car in advance on their web sites and what´s more in your native language. It is also possible to arrange it by phone, again in Czech language.  

How is renting a car abroad expensive in comparison with the Czech Rep. ? Mostly the prices for renting per day are really higher. It depends of course on the specific country, the type of a car and also on the term of lease.

If you know in advance that you are going to do it, it is much recommended to do research and possible selection enough in advance. Not only you will be prepared properly but you can save a lot. Compare offers, look at pricelists, call to the hotel where you will be staying and ask for advice. Get also information what happens if you book the car but then you cancel your booking for various reasons. Ask about road rules in the country you are interested in, what are differences from the Czech Rep.? Do not forget that it is you who pay fines, not the car rental.

Guys, read!

Do you not read contracts?

In case of the contract of lease of the car it can be quite an expensive experience. Read the contract properly before renting a car. If you do not understand some statements, ask, ask, ask. Will the agreed price be increased by other costs? By insurance? By local fees? Baby seats? GPS? Is everything included? What will happen if I get into troubles? Will the car rental help me? Do I have to consult everything with you? Will I get a replacement car? What if I do not manage to return the car in agreed time? Can I drive as many kilometres as I want? Will you pick the car at the airport or do I have to return it Where I rented it? In case of winter holiday what about tyres, winter equipment? Do not throw away the copy of the contract neither the receipt.

Now we are going to the car rental.

You need a valid driving licence for renting a car. If you are not 21 yet or you have had the driving licence only for several months, you can have problems. Some car rentals require minimum one -year -experience with driving and have age limit (lower limit is 21 years but sometimes 25, upper limit is usually 70 years.) You also need another ID for renting without troubles, usually a passport.

You also need an embossed card with satisfying cover. With renting the car there is blocked amount not only for renting the car but also the caution money which is meant to cover damage that you will cause and that is not covered with insurance. When you return the car in order, the amount is unblocked.

Taking the car over

Insurance is included in price of each rented car. Mostly the insurance is for case of accident and theft with participation. Check the car when you take it over, find out if there are scratches, if the aerial from radio is broken, if the tank is full (you have to return the car with the full tank). In case there is a problem, insist on writing a protocol.

Returning car

Return the car during working hours – the car rental will check condition and will issue the confirmation - you avoid unnecessary complications by this. If you return the car after working hours, use so called return boxes. In this case we recommend to take a picture of the car or record a video. You have then evidence that you returned the car in order.

Toll stickers, tolls and fines.

Toll stickers are usually included, however tolls are not included, you pay for them yourself and of course also fines. There can be sometimes a problem with a fine. If there is a photo of you speeding, the car rental often learns about the fine after expiry of lease. They can demand this amount from you, therefore you better have This matter agreed in the contract.

Can I go abroad with a rented car?

You can but you have to have agreement with the car rental and have this matter in the contract.

Insurance, should I pay 0% participation?

Damage caused by you under influence of alcohol or drugs are not paid even by the best insurance. There is sometimes a problem with payment of damage on tyres and chassis. If you are an inexperienced driver, the better insurance will definitely pay off. Otherwise consult everything with the car rental – the reliable ones give you advice and offer you a solution tailored. The main thing is to read everything properly – what is in the contract, it is valid.


-CDW - this insurance takes responsibility of you for damage caused by you on the car or if someone steals it - basic insurance of a rented car against damage or theft

- SLP variation of our third party insurance, this insurance is usually included in price and its limit is 100 000 USD, therefore it is suitable to have additional insurance SLI which will increase the insurance up to the amount of 1 million of 1 million USD

- CPP health insurance

- SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) – additional insurance for running the car up to the amount of 1 million USD

- UMP (Uninsured Motorist Protection) – additional insurance for case you are injured or harmed by uninsured driver of another car

- PAI - PEC (Personal Accident and Effect Coverage) – health insurance against injury at car accident

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