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Car Rental One Two Go offers transportation to all places in the Czech Republic. Our car with driver is available 24/7. Our prices are closing. No hidden fees.

Country | CityDistance from PragueDurationmax 2 persons
max 4 persons
max 3 persons
max 8 persons
CZBrno230 km2.5 h4140 CZK4600 CZK5060 CZK5750 CZKBook
CZHradec Králové115 km1.5 h2070 CZK2300 CZK2530 CZK2875 CZKBook
CZČeské budějovice171 km2 h3078 CZK3420 CZK3762 CZK4275 CZKBook
CZČeský Krumlov175 km2 h3150 CZK3500 CZK3850 CZK4375 CZKBook
CZKarlovy Vary130 km1.5 h2340 CZK2600 CZK2860 CZK3250 CZKBook
CZKarlštejn35 km30 min630 CZK700 CZK770 CZK875 CZKBook
CZKonopiště70 km1 h1260 CZK1400 CZK1540 CZK1750 CZKBook
CZKutná Hora75 km1 h1350 CZK1500 CZK1650 CZK1875 CZKBook
CZMariánské lázně165 km2.5 h2970 CZK3300 CZK3630 CZK4125 CZKBook
CZOrlík86 km1 h1548 CZK1720 CZK1892 CZK2150 CZKBook
CZOstarva390 km3.5 h7020 CZK7800 CZK8580 CZK9750 CZKBook
CZPlzeň95 km1 h1710 CZK1900 CZK2090 CZK2375 CZKBook
CZTerezín62 km1 h1116 CZK1240 CZK1364 CZK1550 CZKBook
DEBerlin360 km3.5 h6480 CZK7200 CZK7920 CZK9000 CZKBook
SKBratislava345 km3 h6210 CZK6900 CZK7590 CZK8625 CZKBook
HUBudapešť570 km6 h10260 CZK11400 CZK12540 CZK14250 CZKBook
DEDresden155 km2 h2790 CZK3100 CZK3410 CZK3875 CZKBook
DEMnichov385 km3.5 h6930 CZK7700 CZK8470 CZK9625 CZKBook
AViden355 km3.5 h6390 CZK7100 CZK7810 CZK8875 CZKBook

*) If you do not find a destination for your trip in our price list send us your destination city here, and then you will receive your fare on the e-mail.

**) The price is calculated per 1 car (incl. All fees, and VAT tax).