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Bringing the car free of charge

Imagine a following situation: you have booked a car in a car rental, you are going to pick it but you are not able to find the precise address of the place. Time passes quickly and you should be in the rented car at an important business meeting in a moment ...

We know from our long-term experience that several customers of car rentals have gone through similar problems, not with our car rental. Service Bringing the car free of charge from our car rental OneTwoGo was introduced to our customers for increasing their comfort and belongs within our car rental among the most positively percieved services in the field of customer care.

You just come out of your house and your chosen car is waiting right there in front of you.

Isn´t it a nice way how to save your precious time? Our professionaly trained smiley employee, who is waiting next to your car, is ready to answer all your questions about features of the car. We are aware that our customers are fed up with paperwork in their jobs therefore you manage to take the car over within less than five minutes with our car rental.

Except from the fact that you could get in the clean car in front of the house anytime including weekends and holidays, we are offering of course for our customers also service of returning the car anywhere in Prague free of charge. In case of clients outside Prague, everything depends on mutual agreement.

If you have chosen a car from our offer, you can expect following procedure:

  • Contact us by phone or via our web form on our www where you can state time and place where you would like us to bring the chosen car.

  • We bring the car to the place you choose

  • We check documents, explain everything and answer your possible questions, sign the contract, take the deposit over and hand the car over.

  • Enjoy careless and safe ride with the rented car.

  • We collect the car at agreed time.