Each car is disinfected by ozone, contactless, safe transfer of the car.

Airport Transfers

FROM Airport to any hotel in Prague / From any hotel in Prague TO Airport

Car Rental One Two Go is specialize in transport service. We offer transportation to all hotels in Prague or to another destination in Prague or in the Czech Republic.

Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic (max 8 Capacity)*

799 CZK **
Škoda Octavia III

Škoda Octavia III (max 4 Capacity)*

550 CZK **
Škoda Rapid

Škoda Rapid (max 2 Capacity)*

499 CZK **
Škoda Superb III

Škoda Superb III (max 3 Capacity)*

799 CZK **

*) The price is calculated per 1 car.

**) The price is final (included all fees, and taxes), NO more extra charges.