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Contactless, safe car rental

Contactless, safe car rental

We have very strict hygienic rules in the car rental OneTwoGo. We are systematically cleaning the cars from virus and bacteria.

How are we doing it? We do not clean just our cupboards, cleansing of the soul is also important. When you have a clean cupboard and soul then it is a natural thing with the car. All cars are carefully disinfected with OZONE. Here you can watch disinfection of the cars : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o60cCKIUPCM

Disinfection with ozone is a method often used in health care. No pathogen can survive the force of the ozone. We simply get the rascal!. Ozone like gas penetrates everywhere, even into places where standard spry disinfections cannot reach. No wrapped single-fibre RNA virus have any chance.

Is ozone safe?

Ozone absolutely disinfects the space which we take care of without leaving any poisonous chemical rest. Ozone is gas created with three atoms of oxygen (O3). It is very effective antimicrobiotics which can destroy all little killers, not only virus but also bacteria, parasites and fungi.

Cleaning with ozone takes cca 30 min. for a personal car, according to the level of pollution even longer, then the car must be left for airing min. 20 minutes. We are just warming up, We do not rely only on Ozone.

We also do proper vacuum cleaning in the car and clean it in a wet way. We have fought COVID-19 and we are prepared for COVID -20 and COVID -20 PRO.

Such a virus-break was already here. Do not let yourself get desperate, enjoy life! We have launched contactless transfer of the car, so everything can be comme il faut.

You can make the order by calling, sms, filling the form, do not worry, we work it out and act almost immediately. The fee can be paid by bank transfer, with a card in the place of transfer of the car, in cash as well. We guarantee administration of the contract in the place of transfer within five minutes. Don´t think about Coronavirus, think about yourself. Your safety is our priority. The car will be handed over by our employee in the mask and gloves, he will not have dirty handkerchief over the face for sure. Bringing the car in Prague free of charge. Call anytime 24/7 +420 773 116 716

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